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Cory Mosley is bigger than life. He is an inspirational Speaker, thought leader, and business coach. But what really makes Cory unique is his appropriability- He is down-to-earth, caring, and willing to go the extra mile to help others grow. His business acumen paired with his ability to engage and inspire the audience to action is incredible to watch. I think the World of Cory and would recommend him to anyone looking for guidance.
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I have worked with Cory for many years. His advice is always on point. My business would not be were it is today without him. With people like Cory on your team you can’t go wrong!
Pecan Jacks
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If your looking for someone who understands the current landscape of business you won’t find a more qualified person than Cory. I’ve worked with him over the last 15 years and he always amazes me with his knowledge. However, the best part about Cory is he has a passion and desire to help all of those that he works with succeed.
fred straus
Wyoming Valley Motors
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Cory gave me the courage to innovate my operations. His influence made me a better leader and has a made a positive impact on my organization. I now consider Cory a dear friend.
duncan 2
Duncan Automotive Network
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If you are looking for a high-energy individual that will put you on the road to success then Cory Mosley is your man. I have always admired Cory’s passion and straight talk and he has grown to become not only a great person to do business with but also a friend.
360 Converge
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Cory is a leader and has the drive and knowledge to maintain that position. He is a thoughtful, accountable advisor and consultant in a time when businesses are significantly lacking in those traits. Cory has applied himself to target his areas of expertise, with the results being clients’ realization of organizational change, net profit increases, improved processes and streamlined communications. Cory has my recommendation for any organization looking to improve.
gary may
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Cory and crew have completely changed the look, feel, and direction of our company. His team exudes excellence and professionalism which is the key to their success. I highly recommend Mosley Strategy Group!
timothy brock
Co-founder & Ceo, Permaseal
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First day talking with Cory about my 12-year-old marketing agency I feel like I finally have some solid direction! Cory very quickly took inventory and assessed my goals and mindset and basically just pointed me in a focused direction. Meeting me where I'm at and building from there. Instead of trying to completely change my mindset, he simply organized it. Day two is building the framework and foundation for the new direction and I"ll update my progress here. Thanks Cory!
john tedesco
JAM Graphics
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I’ve been in business and quite successful for the last 18 years and Cory has been able to help grow my business. I realized I was offering some of my services for less than I should. He definitely provides the support for any type of business even one that is complicated and not main stream like mine.
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Helderburg Defenders USA
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Cory’s training system and coaching were instrumental is helping me launch my new company. I estimate he saved us more than 800 man hours by reducing our learning curve and influencing our strategy. His practical knowledge and experience in Operations, Marketing and Sales are outstanding. I found the entire experience to be smooth, hassle-free, and useful. I would recommend Cory to anyone who wants to save time and money, and more importantly succeed in their business using a right workable approach.
vin bhat 360
Kind Donor
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Cory is a key strategic partner, he’s supported us on a number of critical projects, all having been executed flawlessly and with an infectious enthusiasm and energy for success, that is Cory’s signature. I thoroughly recommend Cory and his team.
Ben Holmes
Urban Science
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Cory is the one of the finest consultants that I know. He is well respected by the clients he has worked with and well versed in scaling businesses. He is a true asset to any company.
Jack Behar
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As someone who has know Cory for a few years now, I am always inspired by his knowledge and kindness. He is always willing to help not only his clients, but his fellow business owners. He is smart and knowledgeable on many topics and as a speaker, he is in a class by himself.
glen testimonial
PCG Companies
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Working with Cory has been incredible! We launched a completely new brand from scratch, and I think the words of my now customer says it best “…your pitch, process and product is sound. From me that’s saying a lot, as I typically tear apart creative vendors.” I highly recommend working with Cory in any way that is available to you.
alex teraleap
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I strongly recommend Cory Mosley for any company that is trying to reach the next level. I can firmly say that my business would be nowhere close to where it is today without Cory Mosley. His training and coaching helped us more than double our business in one year! If you are a company searching for an expert to give you a boost in morale, revenue, and consistent profitability, then I would strongly recommend that you sign up with Cory now!
duran cage
Cage Automotive
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I had the pleasure of working with Cory on an OEM account and got to see firsthand why Cory has the incredible reputation for being a valued Consultant. I appreciated the opportunity to learn from his expertise in marketing, process, and sales effectiveness. I highly recommend Cory and within minutes of meeting him, you’ll see why.
april rain
Digital Rain INC.
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Through my travels I have had the privilege to meet many people. Cory Mosley Is one of the best In the space. He is always on the cutting edge to truly find out what is working in sales and marketing. I truly believe that he goes above and beyond to truly serve. I’m glad to call him friend.
tim cox testimonial
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Cory is the consummate consultant that has provided creative solutions to assist several of our OEM clients with growing their sales revenue. He is a great partner whose expertise is valued inside my organization. We continue to partner with him for many initiatives that require creative consulting expertise.
michele testimonial 1
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Having Cory Mosley as a speaker at our Forum, was an elevating experience. I needed someone who could inspire business owners and get them ready for post-pandemic business. While he provided easy-to-implement strategies, he presented in such an engaging and interactive fashion, the attendees were impressed and moved to action. I truly expect to have him back again for our conferences
dawne brooks
BNI Central Virginia
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