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Cory’s mission is to create  breakthroughs  and provide the  insights  and  expertise  business owners need to  grow  their business. His unique and  straight-forward  approach to consulting helps him quickly  deliver wins  for clients and when combined with his  genuine   commitment  to their success clearly sets Cory apart in the marketplace.

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Partner with us on your project to ensure a comprehensive strategy is created and executed to maximize impact and ROI

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Develop and sustain momentum with a long-term partner committed to helping you grow


An unwavering commitment to helping business owners succeed in their business ventures and expansions.

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Pecan Jacks

Since partnering with Mosley, Pecan Jacks World Famous Sweets has launched a new e-commerce website that’s resulted in a 300% increase in online sales. Profit per SKU has also risen by implementing an incremental price increase strategy. The hardworking owners and team at Pecan Jacks continue growing their business with a new location in Santa Rosa Beach and an expanding food & wine festival business. Mosley Strategy Group salutes these progressive entrepreneurs!

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