According to the CDC there are more than 6 million people in the U.S. that have been diagnosed with ADD or ADHD. With millions more never even getting diagnosed.

Hello all of you with your fidget spinner’s out there!
Putting aside the clinical issues that affect focus we also have a million apps dinging and flashing on our smartphones. Sometimes I don’t know if my alarm is telling me to wake, up drink more water, breathe, take more steps or call my mother. All the while trying to do things like right content that’s valuable to share with you. So, this week I want to share six strategies for staying focused.
1. Make a to do list every day. This will confirm your day’s activities provide purpose organization and structure. Plus it helps establish daily weekly and monthly rituals reminding your brain of those tasks that need daily attention.
2. Allocate your time around your task not the other way around. Be deliberate in your time management skills. Having a thrown together list of chores and unrealistic hours to complete them translates to all of them squeezed into the final hours which of course can result in things not being done or being done poorly.
3. Incorporate fun time, mental downtime is necessary for brain training. Just like working out and giving your muscles time to recover your brain benefits from the same break train the brain with puzzles and quizzes and don’t forget to have a good laugh.
4. No where you do your best work. Some people thrive in chaos while others require quiet provide yourself with the environment that works best for you.
5. Keep multitasking to a minimum. I know it can be rewarding to do many things at once. It can also be a distraction from completing critical tasks where our attention fluctuates from one activity to another.
6. Practice the art of the focused mind. Finally, just like my comments before about treating the brain like a workout and letting your muscles recover. You should work on brain training and training the brain to focus on task completion. Start by doing the task for five minutes straight and then keep increasing the time every day.
So, I have to ask you were you able to watch this video without doing anything else?
I’ll see you next week.