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Welcome to the ultimate 3-Day Business Breakthrough Weekend Workshop, exclusively designed for ambitious business owners, entrepreneurs, and leaders like YOU! Unlock new growth dimensions, witness unprecedented progress, and redefine your business boundaries.

This is your opportunity to redefine, revitalize, and revolutionize your business! 

Join us for a transformative experience and walk away with a renewed sense of purpose, direction, and a comprehensive action plan to catapult your business to new realms of success and prosperity.

The Program

Topics We Cover.

The Agenda


The start of the workshop includes your own recorded expert interview at our broadcast studio, attendee meet and greet, networking, plus an evening pre-work session to prepare you for your full day Saturday immersion.

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Expert Interviews

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Pre-Work Session

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Social Networking


A full day of learning that includes a deep dive into the 5 Pillars of Business Growth plus Cory’s signature Hot Seat Breakthrough Sessions where Cory literally deconstructs your business and identifies your highest value growth opportunities. Plus a special group outing. 

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5 Pillars Training

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Hot Seat Sessions

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Group Outing


The final day that includes creating your action plan, connecting with an accountability partner, plus our proprietary  proclamation exercise to set the intention for your success post workshop. Session ends by noon for travel back home.

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Action Planning

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Written Proclamations

Business Breakthrough weekend

Who Should Attend.

Professional Coaches & Consultants

Deep-dive into your coaching and consulting business to create breakthroughs that effect your revenue-per-client and business structure.

Service Based Business Owners

Unlock hidden revenue opportunities within your sales and retention processes plus explore the latest tactics in branding and marketing.

In-Store Retail and Online Business Owners

Discover insights into sales conversions, product margins, and explore the implementations of a new unique selling proposition.

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Business Breakthrough Weekend Workshop.

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Organized by Cory Mosley

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Richmond, Virginia



Are We A Good Fit ?

You are a great candidate to attend our event if you are an action-oriented business owner desiring an influx of fresh and innovative ideas who is willing to elevate your business model and strategy.

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