About the Presentation

“Presence” in today’s marketplace isn’t about being the center of attention at a cocktail party, it’s about projecting and possessing 3 key traits…

Credibility—Whether you’re in sales, applying for a job, running a business, or looking for love, there’s a good chance you get “Googled” every day. How you establish, display, and control your credibility determines how easily you find success…or failure.

Likeability—The ability to engage people from different backgrounds, social circles, and education levels is key to both personal and professional growth. Improving your likability will open up opportunities for improved income and new, long-lasting relationships.

Bankability—Would people describe you as someone to bet on or against? Your future successes is tied to bankability—you will need others to invest in you!

The Presence Principle will help you radically transform your personal brand, and position you head and shoulders above the competition.

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Learning Outcomes

  • Discover the roadmap to develop rock solid credibility in any marketplace
  • Learn modern strategies to improve your likability factor
  • How to become the person they trust, believe, and invest in
  • Understand how to stop keeping yourself a secret from the marketplace
  • Leverage the power of optics to build authority in a social media marketplace
  • Leave with a easy to implement 5 step action plan to increase your income and sales production

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