Fearless Entrepreneurship

3 Steps to Succeeding as Your Own Boss

Best Audience: Aspring or First-Time Entrepreneurs, Small Business Owners, Entrepreneurship Themed Associations
Learning Objectives:
  • Identify the 3 primary emotions that hold entrepreneurs back from building wildly successful businesses
  • Kick the old-school business to the curb and build a business building “Playbook”
  • Understand the role clarity and certainty play in becoming an unstoppable entrepreneur
  • Conquer Imposters Syndrome and eradicate paralysis through analysis
  • Discover the 6 types of solo or limited employee businesses and determine the right business model for you
  • Get educated, motivated, and activated


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The Presence Principle

Become More Credible, Likeable & Bankable

Best Audience: Direct Sales Organizations, Financial Services, Real Estate Professionals, Solopreneurs
Learning Objectives:
  • Discover the roadmap to develop rock solid credibility in any marketplace
  • Learn modern strategies to improve your likability factor
  • How to become the person they trust, believe, and invest in
  • Understand how to stop keeping yourself a secret from the marketplace
  • Leverage the power of optics to build authority in a social media marketplace
  • Leave with a easy to implement 5 step action plan to increase your income and sales production


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Best Practices Kill Sales Growth

How Not to Be a Victim

Best Audience: Coporate Teams, Associations, Small Business Owners
Learning Objectives:
  • Identify the 4 steps to create separation in any market
  • Understand the tangible vs intangible unique selling proposition
  • Learn the impact of a dynamic V.O.C. strategy to gain a competitive edge
  • Explore the 5 keys to increasing sales production through employee development
  • Leave with a clear path for innovation, separation and domination in the marketplace


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Create the Team Your Customers Deserve

Find, Keep, and Develop Loyal Employees

Best Audience: Corporate Teams, Associations, Small Businesses
Learning Objectives:
  • Discover the eye opening 7 main reasons employees leave
  • Learn the 3 levels of employee engagement and which one to immediately remedy
  • Utilize a modern strategy to increase your new hire employee retention almost immediately
  • Understand the impact and implementation of  a radical candor coaching framework
  • The culture shift impacting the Gen-X, Millennial, and Gen-Z workforce


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