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Cory is an accredited Certified Speaking Professional (CSP) and the perfect high-energy expert to keynote, host, moderate, or lead an interactive workshop session for your next event.

Cory Educates, Motivates, & Activates Audiences.

When you book Cory you can count on your audience hearing progressive ideas, actionable strategies, and experiencing mind shifting moments. Cory’s mission is to help people and the organizations they represent thrive in today’s economy. He is committed to delivering fresh content combined with relevant storytelling, real-world examples, and high humor.

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Cory's Signature Programs.


The 5 Pillars Of Business Growth.

A proven framework to grow any business

In today’s dynamic business landscape, ensuring sustainable and consistent growth is a priority for every entrepreneur and leader. “The 5 Pillars of Business Growth” delves into a comprehensive framework that is proven to propel any business forward, regardless of its size or industry. This presentation will uncover the foundational pillars that are crucial for success, offering attendees actionable strategies and insights to streamline operations, foster innovation, and achieve measurable growth. 

Key Takeaways
  1. Identify the 3 primary categories that will determine your future business growth
  2. Gain an understanding of how to optimize each category to future proof your business
  3. Leverage your current business infrastructure to quickly implement positive change
  4. Leave with actionable and modern strategies to thrive in the new economy
  5. Be inspired and sharpen your clarity to grow your business


Create The Team Your Customers Deserve.

A blueprint for building fanatical teams

This presentation delves deep into the foundational principles of assembling teams that not only meet but exceed customer expectations. As the business landscape evolves, it’s imperative for organizations to build teams that are agile, passionate, and dedicated to delivering unparalleled service. This presentation offers a step-by-step blueprint to curate such teams, highlighting the importance of strategic hiring, ongoing training, and the nuances of leadership that inspire fanaticism towards customer-centricity. 

Key Takeaways
  1. Discover the eye-opening 7 main reasons employees leave
  2. Learn the 3 levels of employee engagement and which one to immediately remedy
  3. Utilize a modern strategy to increase your new hire employee retention almost immediately
  4. Understand the impact and implementation of  a radical candor coaching framework
  5. The culture shift impacting the Gen-X, Millennial, and Gen-Z workforce


The Presence

Become More Credible, Likable, and Bankable

In today’s hyper-connected world, it’s not just about being seen—it’s about truly being *felt*. “The Presence Principle” dives deep into the art and science of personal magnetism, exploring how to cultivate a commanding presence that establishes trust, fosters likability, and drives financial success. By mastering key techniques and understanding human psychology, attendees will learn to resonate with their audience, whether in the boardroom, at a social gathering, or during a sales pitch. Discover the transformative power of genuine presence and unlock your potential to stand out in any crowd.

Key Takeaways
  1. Discover the roadmap to develop rock-solid credibility in any marketplace
  2. Learn modern strategies to improve your likability factor
  3. How to become the person they trust, believe, and invest in
  4. Understand how to stop keeping yourself a secret from the marketplace
  5. Leverage the power of optics to build authority in a social media marketplace


Social Media Crisis Management.

A Battle Plan For Business Owners

In the “go viral” era of social media, a company’s image and reputation are constantly under the public microscope. A seemingly small issue can snowball into a reputational crisis within a matter of hours, requiring immediate and effective response strategies. This presentation also draws from the unique experience Cory had leading a major sales initiative during Volkswagen’s Diesel Gate Global PR Crisis. This presentation is aimed at equipping entrepreneurs and business owners  with the crucial tools and insights necessary to navigate and mitigate crises in the landscape of social media.

Key Takeaways
  1. Walk away with a comprehensive understanding of social media crisis management
  2. Learn actionable strategies to safeguard your brand
  3. Develop a pre-crisis action plan to get immediate control of any situation
  4. Identify the critical 5 W’s of PR when it comes to managing a crisis
  5. Walk step by step through a real-world 8-part proven framework

Client Testimonials.

Attendee Testimonials.

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Energized and so Impressed

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Educates and Activates his Audience

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Cory left me Feeling Fired Up

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An Interesting Spice

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Highly Recommend

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Impactful, Dominant & Convincing

5 Reasons To Book Cory.

01. Relevant

Cory is an active practicioner of the techniques and strategies that he shares with audiences and as a daily producer of new content stays at the front of the learner curve.

02. Authentic

The most common words used to describe Cory by clients are approachable, down-to-earth, caring, willing to go the extra mile to help others grow, and passionate about helping other succeed.

03. Committed

Cory’s commitment to excellence is enduring and  resulted in him being named “the hardest working man in the speaking and consulting business” by Dealer Magazine.

04. Credible

Cory’s track record goes beyond being an accredited speaker, during his more than 20 year career as an entrepreneur he has contributed to an estimated 9-figures of revenue growth for small businesses, fortune 100 corporations, national associations, and franchise organizations.

05. Energetic

Cory’s energy is infectious without being overbearing. Cory’s goal is to educate, motivate, and activate attendees.

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