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"@Corymosley is wildly engaging - I can't look away! Well, just to tweet this... But other than that" - @ScottDrummond

"@Corymosley is wildly engaging - I can't look away! Well, just to tweet this... But other than that" - @ScottDrummond

The Presence Principle®

Become More Credible, Likeable, and Bankable

Credibility—Whether you’re in sales, applying for a job, running a business, or looking for love, how you establish, display, and control your credibility determines how easily you find success…or failure.   

Likeability—The ability to engage people from different backgrounds, social circles, and education levels is key to both personal and professional growth. Improving your likability will open up opportunities for improved income and new, long-lasting relationships.

Bankability— Your future successes is tied to bankability—you will need others to invest in you! The Presence Principle will help you radically transform your personal brand, and position you head and shoulders above the competition.

Key Takeaways Include:

  • Develop rock solid credibility in any marketplace 
  • Modern strategies to improving your likability factor
  • Become the person they trust, believe, and invest in

"BOOM! @corymosley has only been on stage for 5 minutes and he's already slaying!" - @GregGifford

"BOOM! @corymosley has only been on stage for 5 minutes and he's already slaying!" - @GregGifford

Fearless Entrepreneurship

5 Disciplines to Beat the Odds and Build Your Business

This powerful presentation has been crafted over a decade of successes, failures, risks, rewards, set-backs and comebacks.

The power, knowledge, and inspiration of Cory's Destination Entrepreneur signature program is driven by the personal stories that are relatable to people from all walks of life who are dreaming, thinking, and trying to take action to reach their goals.

In this memorable session Cory will break these foundational rules down into 5 key categories that to date have not been shared collectively at any business school or in any how-to book.

Key Takeaways Include:

  • How to establishthe proper mindset for business
  • Learn how to control your money instead of the other way around
  • The aspects of business that must be mastered to succeed  
  • The truth about most modern day "success guru's"
  • The 1 thing most people never plan for when pursuing their dreams

"I'm not sure this day could get any better!? @corymosley was on FIRE!" - @SurgeonHyundai

"I'm not sure this day could get any better!? @corymosley was on FIRE!" - @SurgeonHyundai

Viral For The Wrong Reasons

8 Steps to handling a PR crisis in a social media world

It’s Called “Viral” For Good Reason – And It Can Kill Your Business. The term “gone viral” can be a home run for a business or the beginning of the end. What will you do if a public relations crisis hits your business? During this keynote attendees will see real-life examples of public relations nightmares, walk through the common mistakes business owners make when handling a PR issue, and leave with an 8-step guide to effectively managing a PR crisis at any company.

Key Takeaways Include:

  • Identify what situations are most likely to escalate to a public PR crisis
  • Determine what steps to take with personnel involved in the crisis
  • Avoid the top actions business owners take that only make the situation worse
  • Learn Ways to leverage the PR crisis to strengthen your companies brand

"Great presentation today @corymosley #great content” - @TrevorKing

"Great presentation today @corymosley #great content” - @TrevorKing

The Mindset / Skill Set Equation

A synergystic approach to personal development

There a no shortage of meme's, quotes, or guru's talking about the need to work hard, hustle, and grind. These matras many times result in indiviudals using hope and busy work as a strategy to achieve their goals and live their dreams. A more practical approach becomes helping people understand the dynamics and corelation between their thinking, actions, and abilities. In this high-energy session Cory helps people get real about their strengths, weaknesses, and prepares them to win in the new economony. 

Key Takeaways Include:

  • Understanding the parallel path to achievement
  • Daily action strategies to stay focused even when things aren't going your way
  • The dangers of blind belief and overconfidence
  • How to make your skills, passion, and gifts work together
  • The role patience and awareness play in achieving your dreams

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Cory's Speaker Kit

Learn information about Cory's background, current programs, and ways he can help make your next event a success. This download includes testimonials, past clients, and media information.

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Cory recently returned to speak at our 7th Annual DealerSocket User Summit and once again did an amazing job. We received lots of positive feedback from his packed session and his professionalism is top notch. Cory delivers next level content that our attendees can use to move the needle.
— Brandon Piersant - DealerSocket, Inc.
We hired Cory to come and speak to over 150 of our sales associates in Charlotte. Cory provided an insightful presentation that is still generating a great deal of buzz with the associates weeks later. His years of experience, presentation skills and content was truly impressive. He not only creates thought provoking ideas, but he backs his ideas with real-world examples.
— Ryan Fay - Scott Clark Group
I hired Cory to be a conference workshop speaker on two different occasions. In both instances I found him to be a pleasure to work with and more importantly, an amazingly engaging speaker. In addition, he’s a true subject matter expert and knows how to connect with an audience.
— Jim Apistolas - American Retirement Association
Cory Mosley is an exceptionally professional and outgoing speaker who can detail his programs to fit a variety of industries and organizations. His enthusiasm and sense of business management provide a positive environment for attendees.
— Liz Fleming - RVDA
Cory is a dynamic and energetic speaker who has helped make our annual conference a success for 3 years running! I look forward to welcoming him back next year.
— Damon Lester - National Association of Minority Auto Dealers
Having Cory as a speaker is an interactive experience! One we will no doubt experience again. It was great content and a most memorable session! Cory was engaging, funny, and put things in a way that resonated with our attendees. Cory’s presentation is one of high energy and he does a particularly nice job of including those who he is speaking to in the presentation itself.
— Jason Wilson - VADA

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