Show Notes:

In this episode of Grow Business Podcast, Cory Mosley and Lon Graham explore the significance of setting realistic goals, embracing the journey, and the resilience needed in business.

They discuss the value of small wins, the importance of a long-term mindset, and viewing challenges as growth opportunities.

Cory and Lon emphasizes self-care as essential for business owners, advocating for proactive practices and self-reflection.

They conclude by acknowledging the audience and promoting the sharing of their podcast.


  • The introduction (00:00:00)
  • Client feedback and podcast impact (00:02:08)
  • Celebrating achievements and setting realistic expectations (00:04:35)
  • The challenge of impatience in business (00:07:23)
  • Setting realistic expectations and creating checkpoints (00:09:35)
  • Celebrating small victories (00:19:01)
  • Traffic and Timing (00:20:11)
  • Focus on the Process (00:21:39)
  • Long-Term Mindset (00:22:46)
  • Building Momentum (00:27:01)
  • Resilience and Perspective (00:30:52)
  • Self-Care and Proactive Approach (00:36:51)
  • Self-Care and Stress Relief (00:41:13)
  • Staying in the Game (00:43:28)
  • Acknowledgment and Support (00:45:13)
  • Closing Remarks (00:46:59)

Bullet Points:

  • Importance of setting realistic expectations and creating short-term achievable goals
  • Using markers and checkpoints to track progress towards long-term goals
  • Focusing on the process rather than fixating on the end goal
  • Emphasizing sustainable growth over time and the value of a long-term mindset
  • Viewing obstacles as opportunities for learning and growth
  • Maintaining perspective, particularly in small businesses
  • Self-care practices as a proactive measure for business owners
  • Significance of self-reflection and the ability to adapt to market feedback
  • Embedding self-care practices in the fabric of one’s routine
  • Importance of self-care and regular maintenance for mental health