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“In short, having Cory as a speaker is an interactive experience! One we will no doubt experience again. Thanks again for some great content and a most memorable session!”

Jason Wilson, General Manager
Virginia Auto Dealers Association

Cory Mosley Bio (Short)

Cory Mosley, CSP, is Company Principal of Mosley Strategy Group. As a business growth speaker and consultant, Cory helps business owners and companies that want to thrive in the new economy by giving them strategies to increase sales, build fanatical teams, and future proof their business.

He has been featured on NBC, CBS, and ABC affiliate stations, and at global events like INBOUND.

He holds the prestigious designation of Certified Speaking Professional accredited by the National Speakers Association. This designation is held by less than 10% of all professional speakers.

Cory made a name for himself in the Automotive Industry, where his 7-figure consulting and training company client list included global organizations like VW North America, Mercedes-Benz, Volvo USA, BBDO, Berkshire Hathaway and Urban Science.

Cory previously hosted shows on i-Heart Radio, The Atlanta Small Business Network, and CBT Automotive Network. As a prolific writer and content creator, Cory has published two books and created his interactive virtual training, testing, and certification system on the Light Speed VT platform.

In 2017, Cory was recognized for his contributions to business growth education when he received the AWA Lighthouse Award.

When not working with clients or speaking at events, Cory can be found at home in Richmond, Virginia, with his wife and two Brussel Griffons Zack and Rozy Bear.

Previous Engagements

Client Testimonials

“Cory Mosley is an exceptionally professional and outgoing speaker who can detail his programs to fit a variety of industries and organizations. His enthusiasm and sense of business management provide a positive environment for attendees. We recommend Cory for highly attended events/groups.”
Liz Fleming
“Cory was engaging, funny, and put things in a way that resonated with those who attended. Cory’s presentation is one of high energy and he does a particularly nice job of including those who he is speaking to in the presentation itself.

In short, having Cory as a speaker is an interactive experience! One we will no doubt experience again. Thanks again for some great content and a most memorable session!”

Jason Wilson

“Cory recently spoke at our 7th Annual User Summit and once again did an amazing job. We received lots of positive feedback from his packed session and his professionalism is top notch. Cory delivers next level content that our attendees can use to move the needle.”
Brandon Piersant
A Vista Equity Partners Company

Pre-Program Setup & AV Requirements

What is the best way to set up the room?

  • Cory is flexible with a variety of layouts but prefers to be access to move within the audience. We ask that Cory is made aware of the final layout prior to his arrival at the venue.
  • Please have room temperature bottled water available for Cory during his presentation.
  • Please, no food or servers coming in or out of the room during the presentation.
  • If convenient, please schedule 35 minutes for Cory to be able to walk the stage of the speaking area to perform a soundcheck.
  • If you have a projector and screens, please make sure they are set off to the side(s) of the stage and not in the center of the stage so that Cory isn’t walking through the light of the projector.


  • Please confirm Cory’s hotel room as a king-bed non-smoking guaranteed for late arrival. With the frequency of flight delays these days sometimes uncontrollably it isn’t uncommon for him to get to hotels very late in the evening.
  • In the event Cory will be having meals with your group. Please note that he doesn’t eat seafood of any kind and prefers beef or chicken dishes.

What A/V equipment does Cory require?

  • Cory’s presentation uses embedded videos, custom fonts, custom layouts, custom colors, and advanced animation. Therefore we request that he be able to run the presentation from his own laptop (13 inch MacBook Pro). Past experience has taught us that this is the most effective to ensure the presentation is delivers exactly as inteneded.
  • Cory travels with all neccessary adapters to support this.
  • Cory’s microphone preference is as follows: headset style (he can travel with his person headset if needed), lavalier, or wireless handheld. If there are less than 50 people in the audience a microphone isn’t needed. Please note also that Cory sometimes runs audio in his presentation so we need to have sound available direct from his laptop if at all possible.
  • A/V Projector with a minimum of 1500 lumens compatible with a Mac with ports for HDMI.

Is audio/video recording allowed?

  • No audio or video recording of any kind is permitted during the presentation without Cory’s prior written permission.
  • We have various licensing options available which we can talk through if you are hoping to record his talk.
  • Relatedly, please do not post any slides or other content that you may have received from our team for the attendees without first speaking with us.

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