Show Notes

In this podcast episode, Cory Mosley and Lon Graham conclude the importance of mental toughness in business and entrepreneurship.

They explore the role of mental resilience in risk management, decision-making, and consistency.

Cory and Lon also touch on the stigma surrounding therapy, particularly in the black community, and the benefits it can offer.

They highlight the significance of self-care, mindfulness, and setting clear goals in maintaining mental toughness.

The episode concludes with an emphasis on gratitude, the role of mindset in success, and an expression of appreciation for their listeners.

Time Stamps

  • Mental Toughness and Managing Risk (00:05:19)
  • Developing Mental Toughness for Decision Making (00:06:59)
  • The Impact of Mental Toughness on Overcoming Setbacks (00:04:46)
  • Therapy and Mental Health Stigma (00:07:43)
  • The Power of Therapy (00:08:57)
  • Managing Desperation and Making Better Decisions (00:12:31)
  • The importance of mental toughness (00:15:12)
  • Modern tips for developing mental toughness (00:17:30)
  • The need for flexibility and adjustments (00:21:19)
  • The struggles of marketing and organizing events (00:22:25)
  • The importance of focusing on the attendees (00:23:22)
  • Learning from past experiences and adjusting strategies (00:25:10)
  • Self-care and Mental Toughness (00:29:13)
  • Taking Breaks and Fueling Your Body (00:30:04)
  • Learning from Others and Developing Mental Toughness (00:33:30)
  • The Zig Ziglar example (00:36:38)
  • Studying people one step ahead of you (00:38:05)
  • Gratitude and wanting more (00:42:14)
  • The mindset pillar (00:46:29)
  • Gratitude and setting goals (00:47:05)
  • Expressing gratitude to podcast audience (00:49:10)
  • Thank you to the listeners (00:50:47)
  • Where to find the podcast (00:51:20)
  • Closing remarks (00:51:51)

Bullet Points

  • Importance of mental toughness in business and entrepreneurship
  • Technical skills required for successful podcasting
  • Gratitude for studio producer’s technical support
  • Managing risks effectively through mental toughness
  • Importance of taking calculated risks
  • Consistency as a crucial aspect of mental toughness
  • Taboo and stigma surrounding therapy, especially in the black community
  • Importance of having a support system and trusted people to talk to
  • Importance of self-care in maintaining mental toughness
  • Gaining perspective from others and learning from their experiences