Doug Levin was a professional drummer living in Chicago for about 10 years before he started to sell on Amazon in his spare time. He started this in 2014 and from that point he went on to wholesale, private label, and was able to have all of these scenarios where he got enough money coming in that eventually he was able to bring his wife into the business.
In preparation for the launch of his first brand, Doug became obsessed with chatbots and messenger and built himself a list of over 20k subscribers which he was able to convert into $20k in monthly sales within his first 90 days of launch. It helped him start his business, his brand and ultimately start to do other things without relying on Amazon.
During this episode, Cory and Doug discuss Doug’s transition from being a professional drummer to E-commerce, selling on Amazon and utilizing chat bots. Learn about Doug’s experience cutting the learning curve without having a business background, or knowing much about it.

49: Show Notes:

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Time Stamps:
4:38 – Doug’s Story – Transitioning from professional drummer
16:48 – How Doug got into Chatbot and the impact it has on his business
32:11 – The business structure today in the 2020/2021 environment
36:15 – Some lessons Doug’s learned in his 6 years of business
41:49 – Doug’s advice for getting started on Amazon
48:58 – Doug’s craziest entrepreneurship moment
51:09 – Rapid fire questions!
54:34 – Entrepreneurship Trivia!
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