“I believe that we all have inner beauty that radiates outward”

 Holly Bryd Miller”

Holly Bryd Miller is an award winning makeup artist who has over 20 years of experience. She is the CEO for Makeup By Holly, LLC and freelances for international companies such as Giorgio Armani Beauty, Yves Saint Laurent, Chanel and Laura Mercier. She is a Certified Makeup Instructor and has traveled throughout the country educating everyday women and future makeup artists on beauty trends and the fundamentals of makeup artistry. Her passion as a Beauty Consultant allows her to empower women to look and feel their best.
During this episode, learn about the idea of turning a passion into a business. Understand the landscape of the industry that you’re going into and figure out the battle between labor, time and value. Holly discusses how she went from dabbling in the makeup world to turning it into a successful business.

22: Show Notes:


“If you want to be successful in any industry put yourself around other people who are successful” – Holly Bryd Miller
Time Stamps:
2:44– Holly’s Story – How her passion for makeup began
4:57 – Separating the idea of “I’m dabbling” vs. “I’m running a business”
8:17 – Holly’s key business skills that you should learn immediately as an entrepreneur
10:38 – The battle between labor, time and value
14:26 – Dealing in an industry where there is a commodity factor to it and standing out
18:18 – Using makeup for people to look like the best version of themselves, while still looking like themselves – Communicating expectations with clients
21:57 – Battling the idea of the beauty vs. natural movement
24:05 – The impact of studying business before starting a business
26:40 – Holly’s craziest entrepreneurship moment
28:25 – Rapid fire questions!
30:17 – Entrepreneurship trivia!

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