“People need to go with the times and change with the times”

 Rudy T. “El Patron”

Rudy T., AKA El Patron, Is a managing partner at Brooklyn Mitsubishi, one of the fastest growing dealerships in the country. With over 400k followers on Instagram alone, he is a true example of what’s possible when you commit to success.
During this episode, learn about the benefits of working in a partnership versus doing it by yourself. Learn about knowing your strengths and weaknesses and the benefits of working with people who compliment your skill set. Living one day at a time – spending money to make money.

21: Show Notes:


“Consistency is key” – El Patronn
Time Stamps:
1:25– How Rudy achieved his goals under the umbrella of an organization
3:38 – Charismatic & swag – Unleashing the persona – Getting on social media
5:42 – Common mistakes people make trying to brand themselves online
10:10 – Partnership vs doing it yourself
14:20 – Is there such a thing as too much?
15:30 – Rudy’s story
18:32 – The El Patronn keys to success
22:34 – Rudy’s craziest entrepreneurship moment
23:43 – Rapid fire questions!
26:51 – Entrepreneurship trivia!

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