“If you’re going to do something, be specific….be known for something”

 Mike Brown

Mike Brown Founded Death Wish Coffee in 2012 in a basement of a small coffee shop in Saratoga Springs, NY. He saw a need for coffee that was both strong and delicious. After creating the perfect blend of beans and combining it with his unique roasting technique, the ‘World’s Strongest Coffee’ was born. Mike was named Ernst and Young’s entrepreneur of year of emerging business in 2017.

During this episode, learn about Mike’s journey from being an accountant to getting his coffee on Good Morning America, a Super Bowl commercial and into space! Learn about navigating through and learning from early mistakes while setting yourself up for success.


20: Show Notes:


“Don’t worry about work-life balance. Life will balance itself out” – Mike Brown

Time Stamps:
2:36– Mike’s Story – Getting the itch to get into the coffee business
5:30 – Changing mentality early mistakes
9:30 – The wake up call
12:17 – The beginning of Death Wish Coffee
18:06 – Mike’s journey to finding his brand
20:54 – The point Mike knew he had something
25:09 – Mike’s craziest entrepreneurship moment – Winning a Super Bowl commercial!
29:38 – Death Wish Coffee in space!
31:12 – Where is Death Wish Coffee today?
32:50 – If Mike could go back and do things differently while first starting…
36:36 – Rapid fire questions!
42:36 – Entrepreneurship trivia!


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