“The moment I chose to choose myself, I felt very empowered”

 Maria Perlman

Maria Perlman is a Confidence Coach who helps professional men build irresistible confidence and powerful relationships. She came into coaching after her personal and professional breakdown that helped her to breakthrough and to change her life completely. She dreams to spread her voice and help as many people as possible to discover their best authentic self, unleash their potential, and live lives to its fullest.
During this episode, learn about Maria’s journey – from being overworked into a health scare to finding her true authentic self. Learn about confidence – not being how people see you, but how you see yourself. If you fail, just fail, be OK with it, and learn from your mistakes.

19: Show Notes:

“Fail more, fail better” – Maria Perlman
Time Stamps:
2:57– Maria’s Story – Jumping from one challenge to another – working to be more than ordinary
4:40 – Finding her key driver and true authentic self
7:21 – The breakdown that led to the breakthrough
12:45 – How Maria picked confidence coaching for men
17:54 – Embracing mistakes – Listening to your intuition
19:20 – Maria’s advice to people who are constantly told “you have to be everywhere – on all channels to reach your audience”
21:03 – Maria’s keys to develop confidence
25:59 – Maria’s craziest entrepreneurship moment
28:28 – Rapid fire questions!
31:00 – Entrepreneurship trivia!

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