“We get into a lot of trouble when we begin to compare.”

 Nadia Anderson, CPA

Nadia Anderson is a certified public accountant and chartered global management accountant in private practice, that supports non profit organizations and small businesses. Also a certified wedding and event planner as well as the owner of Virginia Grace, an event management company that plans, designs, directs and coordinates weddings, private celebrations and corporate events.

During this episode, Nadia will discuss making a commitment to your business and doing it the right way, even if it means putting it all on the line. Learn about following through on your commitment and how Nadia went from living a life of excess to a life of abundance.


13: Show Notes:


Another Quote:
“The things that I value most about entrepreneurship is flexibility and autonomy”  -Nadia Anderson,CPA

Time Stamps:
2:39– Nadia’s Story
5:41 – Understanding Margins – Common pricing mistakes
7:40 – The moment Nadia decided to get serious as an event planner, coming from being a CPA
11:42 – Selling everything – minimizing living expenses
16:51 – Losing Perspective on what you’re striving for
19:34 – Priorities change – How Nadia moved from living a life of excess to a life of abundance
20:44 – What’s the biggest mistake entrepreneurs make with money when they’re starting out?
25:26 – Nadia’s craziest entrepreneurship moment
27:13 – Rapid fire questions!
30:18 – Entrepreneurship trivia!


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