“You have to be patient, you have to learn, you have to fall, you have to get back up, you have to do the work.” 

 Yvette Sencion

Yvette Sencion is a graphic designer and wedding event planner, the founder of SDezigns, which was born in 2004. Ultimately she dedicates herself to beautifying events and businesses. She operates 3 branches under the s designs family, shift to focus on wedding and events and custom design.

During this episode, Yvette will discuss patience, putting in the work, burnout and pricing. Learn about the hard work and not-so glamorous side of being an entrepreneur.


12: Show Notes:


Another Quote:
“Sometimes you’ve got to simplify to multiply” -Yvette Sencion

Time Stamps:
3:09– Yvette’s Story – How did SDezigns come to be?
7:50 – Patience and putting in the work
8:48 – Entrepreneurs working twice as hard – not the life for everyone
10:12 – Lessons learned – How Yvette handles pricing
14:59 – Yvette’s infrastructure
16:31 – The biggest lessons learned on Yvette’s entrepreneurship journey
20:10 – Yvette’s craziest entrepreneurship moment
21:52 – Rapid fire questions!
23:44 – Entrepreneurship trivia!


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