“Step back, get back to what you’re
good at and focus on that”

 Jasen Rice

Jasen Rice is the founder and owner of a company called LotPop. He spent almost 9 years in the automotive retail marketplace selling vehicles online. He then joined a tech startup that cracked the code on vehicle merchandising. 8 years later, he’s now running his own company, helping dealers utilize technology and market data to improve operations.

During this episode, Jasen will discuss being patient and learning as much as possible before going out on your own. Learn about the real challenges of starting a business on your own…collecting, hiring, timing and patience.

10: Show Notes:


Another Quote:
“I didn’t make the money the primary thing” -Jasen Rice

Time Stamps:
3:00 – Not going on your own when you can – learning everything you can first
6:33 – What drove Jasen to “park” his dream for almost a decade?
9:00 – Breaking away and refocusing your new objective
12:12 – Timing and Patience
13:54 – Jasen’s approach to expanding the business “The Tortoise and the Hare approach”
16:06 – DIY, outsource, or make a hire?
18:53 – Cash flow…Collecting is the hardest part!
24:48– Jasen’s craziest entrepreneurship moment
26:06 – Rapid fire questions!
28:31 – Entrepreneurship trivia!


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