“Life has a funny way of teaching us empowering transformational moments”

 Stephen Scoggins

Stephen Scoggins is an entrepreneur, author, speaker and life & business strategist. He relentlessly pursues the art of revealing a higher purpose and true passion within each person listening.
In this episode, Stephen shares how he went from homeless to building multi-million dollar business. Find out what makes Stephens company so successful and learn about his greatest business weakness. His inspiring story will give you proven tools to take incredible action in your life.

8: Show Notes:

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The Journey Principle Book
Another Quote:
“If it’s not a must, it’s not going to happen” – Stephen Scoggins
Time Stamps:
03:02 – Stephen background
04:31 – Homeless at 19 years old + finding a mentor
13:22 – Building a 41 million dollar a year business
17:33 – What makes Stephens company so successful
18:49 – Greatest business weakness
21:43 – Stephen’s craziest entrepreneurship moment
26:30 – Rapid fire questions!
28:50 – Entrepreneurship trivia!
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