“You want to do solution advertising versus just advertising your widgets”

 Paul Potratz 

Paul Potratz is the COO of Potratz Advertising, a technology-based full-service advertising agency specializing in digital marketing, SEM, video production, and consulting. He has been in sales, advertising, and marketing for 20 years and loves every minute of it.
In this episode, Paul will help you overcome common marketing and branding mistakes as an entrepreneur. He’ll discuss the importance of digital presence and why you need testimonials from your clients. Learn to brand with a competitive advantage and determine if reinventing your brand is right for you.


7: Show Notes

The Paul Potratz Show (Podcast)
Another Quote:
“If you stay in your comfort zone, you have no opportunity for growth” – Paul Potratz
Time Stamps:
03:33 – Leaving corporate America
05:08 – Paul’s defining moment
06:10 – Changing the advertising game
07:30 – Overcoming procrastination as an entrepreneur
08:28 – Common marketing & branding mistakes
09:59 – Websites and Digital presence
12:31 – Getting testimonials from your clients
13:37 – Branding with a competitive advantage
17:25 – Reinventing your brand
23:03 – Paul’s craziest entrepreneurship moment
26:16 – Rapid fire questions!
29:02 – Entrepreneurship trivia!
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