“Once you’ve come to an understanding of what you truly want… you could be an entrepreneur at any level”

  Jason Girdner  

Jason Girdner is the CEO of TECOBI, a 7 figure Facebook and text marketing company. He’s an entrepreneur and software engineer with a proven track record of building great teams of people to bring ideas to life.

In this episode, Jason will reveal exactly what you should avoid when starting a partnership. He’ll speak on his drive as a successful entrepreneur and how he keeps a fearless mindset. Listen to the end to learn more about Jason during the rapid-fire segment of the show.

6: Show Notes

Time Stamps:
03:17 – Jason’s most successful companies & worst failures
06:15 – What to avoid when starting a partnership
14:19 – Generating multiple streams of income at scale
17:13 – What should you be striving for and how hard should you hustle for your money?
21:45 – Having a fearless mindset
25:30 – Craziest entrepreneurship moments
27:03 – Rapid fire Question segment!
29:50 – Entrepreneurship Trivia!
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