“In the beginning, I would say take every job you can get, because I’m actually benefiting today”

 John Tedesco 


John Tedesco is a man with many roles. Founder, CEO, Creative director, chief designer, and all things digital of Jam Graphics, a New Jersey web development and digital marketing firm. Jam Graphics is HubSpot certified as a digital agency.

In this episode, John discusses passion driving the business. Learn about his experience grinding to get by, which eventually turned into committing full time to his business.


2: Show Notes

Jam Graphics

Another Quote:
“Be very patient. That’s really, REALLY important” – John Tedesco

Time Stamps:

1:57 – How John chose web development
2:44 – The gradual climb
4:14 – Starting small and getting by
5:16 – The evolution of the business
7:35 – John’s great (New word) advice
9:39 – John’s craziest entrepreneurship moment
12:08 – Rapid fire questions!
14:42 – Entrepreneurship trivia!

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