Show Notes:

In this episode of the Grow Business Podcast, Cory Mosley and Lon Graham explore strategies for effectively engaging with gatekeepers in the sales process.

They discuss the importance of building rapport, conducting research, and providing value to establish a connection with gatekeepers.

The conversation highlights the need for genuine curiosity and the use of humor to make a memorable impression.

The episode also emphasizes the power of referrals and the necessity of polite persistence in securing new business opportunities.


  • Funny (00:00:05)
  • Dealing with Gatekeepers (00:04:16)
  • Introduction of Topics (00:07:51)
  • Research and Build Rapport (00:11:13)
  • Understanding the Gatekeeper (00:13:22)
  • Personalizing the Interaction (00:14:18)
  • Value-Driven Engagement (00:15:19)
  • Providing Value and Making Connections (00:18:13)
  • Positioning as a Valuable Resource (00:23:19)
  • Using Referrals and Introductions (00:27:08)
  • Referrals and Networking (00:28:05)
  • Passive Referrals (00:28:51)
  • Earning Referrals (00:30:06)
  • Persistence in Sales (00:30:56)
  • Strategic Follow-Up (00:34:43)

Bullet Points:

  • Dealing with gatekeepers in business
  • Building rapport and establishing connections with gatekeepers
  • Humanizing and personalizing interactions with gatekeepers
  • Providing value and positioning oneself as a valuable resource
  • Use of humor in engaging with gatekeepers
  • Utilizing referrals and introductions for gaining access to key contacts
  • Importance of persistence in growing a business
  • Strategic thinking and interpersonal skills in the sales process
  • Demonstrating genuine interest in client’s needs and providing value
  • Encouraging listeners to share the podcast with others