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Entrepreneurs & Small Business Owners

You don’t need me to tell you that being your own boss and building a business is hard work.

While you can try to rely on the Internet for articles, videos, and other content that gets posted online for free, the truth is people who are serious about their business invest and hire professionals to help them solve their problems and overcome challenges.

Having spent the last 20 years as an entrepreneur building businesses, working with clients, and dealing with failures and distractions disguised as opportunities I know what it takes to create and run 6 and 7 figure businesses.

If some of the greatest athletes, entrepreneurs, and corporate CEO’s rely on coaches and experts to help them succeed, then why shouldn’t you?

I’m inviting you to work with me and let me help you reach your goals and fulfill the promises you made to yourself when you decided to become your own boss.

I learned a long time ago that procrastination only leads to regret so learn more about how I can help you below and let’s get connected today!

I have created options for those who need help fast with a single issue and those that realize they could benefit from someone being in their corner for a longer period of time.


Areas Of Expertise

Sales Process

We can help you review, revise, and revamp your sales process so you are maximizing new business and revenue opportunities.

Marketing Strategy

Marketing visibility and ROI are at the forefront of every great marketing strategy. Let’s review and tweak your plan to maximize impact.

Sales Strategy

Revenue is the life-blood of business, and creating revenue means having and implementing a winning sales strategy. Let’s tackle yours.

Contracts & Negotiations

Business owners leave an insane amount of money on the table because they lack the skills and confidence to build value based proposals or price their product in correlation with the true value they bring to the marketplace. We can help.


The best brands in the world are able to convey a promise and expectation of value, quality, or service to their customers. Is it time to review what your brand message is conveying.

Back Office

Many businesses simply need help choosing the right tools to run their business and from basic apps to sophisticated software we have the experience to make sure you have the right products and service to grow your business.

meet your coach

Cory Mosley, CSP is an award-winning business strategist that has been delivering breakthrough’s for clients for more than a decade. Cory has been featured on ABC and NBC affiliate stations, consulted for fortune 500 companies like Volkswagen and actively advises small business owners nationwide.

He is the host of Startup Central on the Atlanta Small Business Network and his Fearless Entrepreneurship Podcast now streams across more than 15 networks.

He is also an in-demand international keynote speaker having been featured at events with high-profile business experts like Marcus Lemonis, Gary Vaynerchuck, and Grant Gardone.

Previously Cory hosted his own radio show on the I-Heart Radio Network airing weekly after The Dave Ramsey Show.


how it works

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Choose between a one-time session, multi-session package, or 90-day Business Accelerator w/ includes 4 hours of coaching per month and your own dedicated Slack channel for direct access to our team.

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Depending on your package selection you will be able to immediately schedule your session or receive easy instructions to schedule your first session. Same day session options may be available.

Get Ready For A Breakthrough

Your journey with Cory begins. Be prepared to become educated, motivated, and activate! Don’t worry all sessions are recorded and will be available for download quickly following your session.

client testimonials

Shaka Dyson

Founder & Finance Trainer

Steve Stauning

Author & Keynote Speaker

Durran Cage

Founder & Business Consultant

Wade Randolph

Speaker & Business Consultant

Our pledge to you is simple. If during your first session we can’t successfully offer a workable solution and strategy for helping you with your business challenge then you can request a refund during your session and get your money back. It’s that simple.

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How will coaching actually help me?

My primary responsibility is to help you take your business from where it is now to where you want it to be. To do that, we have to tackle both the seen and unseen. I will help you get clarity, find the right solution for you and your business and hold you accountable to take the actions necessary to execute your plan.

How do I know which option is right for me?

You have to ask yourself what are your current needs. If you have 1 issue that you need some professional advice on then simply booking one session make get you the outcome you need. If you know you have several things you want to work on then taking advantage of the discounted pricing on the 5-session pack makes the most sense. Plus you have a money-back guarantee so if you purchase the 5 session pack and aren’t happy during the first session you can receive a refund. Our 90-day accelerator program is for people looking for more consulting and someone they can connect with on a daily or weekly basis.

Can't I just Google for answers to all my business challenges?

Google is undoubtedly the hub of all information, however, the key questions you must ask are; how much time do I have to try and find answers? Can I trust the information that has been posted? Who will hold me accountable and also potentially challenge my thinking to make sure I am making the right decisions for me and my business?

How are services paid for, rendered, and supported?

We process payments 100% securely online via Stripe or WePAY. We accept all major credit cards. Coaching is conducted using software from Zoom and all sessions are recorded and available to you after your sessions are completed. Zoom allows for audio and video, we encourage the use of video for all sessions. Our 90-day accelerator program also includes direct access to our Slack communications channel. We also have a support staff available during normal business from Monday thru Friday EST.

What's included in the 90-Day Accelerator Program?

This program includes 4-hours worth of coaching per month for 3-months. Additionally, you have your own communication channel on our Slack network for file sharing, real-time questions, and premium consulting from Cory and his team.

I notice I can't just sign up for the 90-Day Accelerator Program, why not?

This program is not available to everyone. A discovery call with Cory has to be completed to make sure you are a good candidate for this level of a program. After your discovery call, Cory will review availability and determine if we can complete your enrollment.