A 2 Day Program
To Level Up
Your Business


This Could Be

The Most Important 2-Days For Your Business

Has your business stopped growing or worse gone backwards?

Do you feel like you should be earning more revenue and doing better than you are now?

You know you need to do something but you know it’s not spending hours trying to search Google for answers!

The good news is that other businesses have faced these challenges before, and the solutions are out there. During this two-day intensive, we’ll help you find the solutions to overcome your biggest business challenge.

During this two-day intensive you will share your challenges and receive dedicated one-on-one time to tackle those challenges and experience a breakthrough moment.

You will network with and learn from other attendees as they experience their breakthrough!

Get exposed to challenges that may be a year down the line for you or challenges that you didn’t realize are already staring you in the face.

Sales Process

Sales are the heartbeat of every business, uncover potential opportunities to grow sales and revenues by taking an outside-in look at your process.


Is your brand helping to drive your business forward or is there simply a disconnect between your brand, message, and customer? Let’s find out.

Software & Automation

The difference between success and failure can be the software and systems being used to run the business. Get the answers you need to make the best product and service decisions.

Deal Proposals & Negotiation

What if you could massively increase revenue simply by learning to negotiate better and create stronger value-based fees for your product or service? We can show you how.

Digital Marketing & Social Media

Some businesses need omnipresence to succeed while others can focus on one or two key marketing channels. Maybe it’s time to learn which is best for you.

Expansion Strategy

Many business owners suffer from “do it all themselves” disease which leaves many tired, burnt out, and in a revenue stranglehold. Let’s discuss smart ways to grow and expand.

The Business Breakthrough Hot Seat

The main feature of the event is the Hot Seat where we will tackle, deconstruct, and create an action plan to overcome your greatest business challenge. Your one-on-one Hot Seat is guaranteed as part of your registration

  • Find breakdowns in your business model
  • Identify hidden revenue opportunities
  • Learn if your business challenge is real or perceived
  • Leave with a clear and concrete next steps action plan
  • Make the tough decisions needed to ensure your future


  • Consulting or Coaching
  • Selling Online
  • Brick and Mortar Business
  • Local Business Competing with Franchises
  • Real Estate Agent
  • Independent Sales/ Direct Marketing
Event at


  • December 12th & 13th, 2018
  • AC Hotel Miami Beach

About Your Program Leader

Cory Mosley, CSP is an award-winning business strategist, coach, and media personality who has helped small business owners, independent sales professionals, and major corporations create breakthroughs that have generated millions of dollars in revenue.

Cory has been featured on NBC, ABC, I-Heart Radio, and is the host of Startup Central with Cory Mosley on the Atlanta Small Business Network. His podcast, Fearless Entrepreneurship with Cory Mosley streams internationally across more than a dozen networks.

What makes this event different?


This isn’t a sit-back-and-listen seminar. This event is focused on you and your unique business challenge.

Learn From Others

Not only get your breakthrough but learn from other attendees as they get theirs. Network and create new relationships.

Defined Outcome

Everyone leaves with answers and an action plan to level-up their business to increase sales, revenue, and other efficiencies.

What People Are Saying

Your Investment In You

What value do you put on increasing sales, revenue, and capitalizing on any potential missed opportunities? For the price many have paid for a 2-hour coaching session with Cory, you will experience two-days of breakthrough strategies with like-minded business owners.


*Includes Guaranteed Hot Seat Time, Action Plan, and 30-Minute Follow-Up Coaching Call

If after completing the first day of the event you aren’t completely satisfied please speak with a team member and return all event materials to receive a full refund.

I Have Networked With and Been Mentored By The Best

Let me put my experience and the strategies I’ve learned from the modern giants of business to work for you!

Next Business Breakthrough Intensive Starts In









If you still have questions or want to register by phone please contact us at 804-414-8052.

Will this help me regardless of the type of business I have?

This intensive will benefit the majority of businesses who are dealing with sales, marketing, and growth challenges. If your needs are related to legal or accounting issues we recommend seeking advice from properly licensed professionals. If you have questions regarding your specific business please contact our offices at 804-414-8052.

What exactly is the "hot seat"?

Every attendee is guaranteed a minimum of 30-minutes “hot seat” time. This is a one-one-session held in front of the audience where Cory will deconstruct your business model and walk you through a breakthrough of your presented business challenge.

Can I get all this information on the Internet for free?

The truth is much of the information on anything can be found someone on the Internet. There is a well known saying that wealth minded people spend money to save time and poverty minded people give up their time to save money. Attendees of this event want to work with professionals in a time efficient manner to generate as high of a return on investment as possible.

What if I'm not happy with the event?

Attend this event risk-free. Our guarantee is simple if after the first day of the event you aren’t satisfied with the quality and commitment of our team to your success simply speak with a team member and turn in all of your event materials to receive a full refund.

What is the dress code?

We have found that a business casual dress code provides a comfortable environment for all attendees. You can call our office at 804-414-8052 if you have specific concerns.

What time will the event start and end each day?

You can pick up your event materials beginning at 7:30 a.m. on the 12th. The Bootcamp will begin each day at 8:30 a.m. and will conclude on the 13th by 6 p.m.

Are meals provided?

Meals will not be provided for the event. We will have light refreshments such as water, coffee, and tea available throughout the day. There will be breaks and a lunch hour set aside in the agenda. We will also provide a list of local places to eat for attendees.

Is there a special rate at the hotel?

We determined the available rates for the hotel were actually lower to the public then the group rate we were offered especially if you have AAA or another discount code. You will be responsible for securing your own lodging should you need it directly with the hotel.