The 3 Day

No More Excuses Program

A 3 Day no-more-excuse program to build your dream business and enter into the game of entrepreneurship fearlessly and progressively, like never before.

Owning your own business has the power to change your life. but every day you delay, you’re just adding value to someone else’s bottom line instead of building your own.

But why is now the right time to start your small business?

According to the SBA new business registrations are up for the 4th year in a row.

By 2022 it’s predicted that 38% or 47.6 million people in the U.S will be full-time independent workers.

It’s also widely reported that by every measure, people working for themselves are happier, more satisfied and more motivated to work. So why can’t that be you? It can! You’ve got an idea, and you think it’s a pretty good one. But taking that first step toward realizing it is daunting. There are so many questions…

  • Where will I find customers?
  • How much should I charge?
  • How viable is it really?
  • Which market is best?
  • Which launch strategy is most effective?
  • Am I going to lose all my money?

It’s overwhelming! Not to mention that one-third of all new businesses fail within the first two years. So why start, if it seems you’re likely to fail? The main reason behind these failures is the result of a lack of experience and a strong plan – this is your opportunity to beat the odds and start building your business now! Register for three days of education and activation so you can finally get off of the sidelines and into the game of entrepreneurship!

An Agenda Designed To Deliver Your Blueprint

Clarity & Focus

Learn the mindset techniques and strategies to develop rock solid clarity to build the foundation for your business success.

Vet & Uncover

Put your idea to the test, uncover and overcome potential challenges to your business model.


Identify your brand story, ideal customer, and lay the foundation for your marketing strategy.


Turn your passion into a profitable venture by establishing an actionable revenue strategy.


Determine the best advertising sources and formats to maximize R.O.I.

Action Plan

Define the who, when, where and what answers that will make your business launch successful.

Out with the Business Plan, In with the Playbook

The cornerstone of the Business Activation Bootcamp is the creation of your individual Playbook.
  • Layout the complete overview of your business
  • Combine sales and marketing workflows
  • Identify roles & responsibilities (even if you are a team of one)
  • Clearly define your monetization strategy
  • Create vendor profiles and cost analysis
  • Bridge the gap between an idea and a real profitable business

Personal Attention & Guidance

Peer Engagement

Share, network, and build relationships while working to bring your business to life.


Start to develop the additional skills needed to help you beat the odds and build your business.

Real-Time Coaching

Take advantage of a support system and team dedicated to helping you succeed.

Event Details


  • December 14th – 16th, 2018
  • AC Hotel Miami Beach

About your Bootcamp leader

Cory Mosley, CSP is an award-winning business strategist, coach, and media personality who has helped small business owners, independent sales professionals, solopreneurs, and major corporations create breakthroughs that have generated millions of dollars in revenue.

Cory has been featured on NBC, ABC, I-Heart Radio, and is the host of Startup Central with Cory Mosley on the Atlanta Small Business Network. His podcast, Fearless Entrepreneurship with Cory Mosley streams internationally across more than a dozen networks.


  • Ecommerce
  • Manufacturing
  • Informational Content Creation
  • Professional Services
  • Personal Services
  • Real Estate

What makes this event different?


This isn’t just an informational event, you will be building your business framework step-by-step.


Watch your idea finally come to life and get on-the-spot feedback to create the most rock-solid plan possible.


Every attendee leaves with a complete Business Activation Playbook which lays out their business framework.

What People Are Saying

Your Investment In You

You will never be able to ask a customer to invest in your product or service if you aren’t willing to invest in yourself. Now is your time to make your dreams of entrepreneurship a reality.


*Includes event materials, playbook binder, and access to the follow-up group video session with Cory

Attend this event risk-free. Our guarantee is simple if after the first day of the Bootcamp you aren’t satisfied with the quality and commitment of our team to your success simply speak with a team member and turn in all of your event materials to receive a full refund.

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If you still have questions or want to register by phone please contact us at 804-414-8052.

Will this help me regardless of the type of business I want to start?

Yes. This hands-on Bootcamp is designed to walk you through a specific series of steps to help you gain clarity and create a blueprint for your unique business. There are irrefutable rules for business such as defining buyers, understanding margins and target markets that apply to all businesses. In fact, this Bootcamp has saved people tens of thousands of dollars by helping them avoid sales and marketing mistakes.

Should I register even though I have limited funds to invest in my business idea?

In today’s marketplace, there are significant amounts of technology available to users for free. Many tech companies offer things called “freemium” services which allow users to start utilizing the product for free such as email marketing software or customer relationship management until your business grows and then you upgrade your services. Attending the Bootcamp can actually make better use of the funds you do have by making sure you have a strong foundation to make better business and budgeting decisions.

Can this bootcamp help me even if I have technically started my business already?

If you have recently started your business but are finding yourself confused, overwhelmed, frustrated, or unsure about things then you definitely should be attending the Bootcamp. We don’t focus on theories or motivational things, it’s hands-off development of your business. It is actually common for people with new businesses to attend and find relief that they were able to create a more organized and successful execution plan.

Can I get all this information on the Internet for free?

The truth is much of the information on anything can be found someone on the Internet. The scary part is Googling “start a business” return over 20 million search pages. There is a well known saying that wealth minded people spend money to save time and poverty minded people give up their time to save money. Attendees of our Bootcamp accomplish in 3 days what some entrepreneurs spend a year trying to figure out.

What if I'm not happy with the bootcamp?

Attend this event risk-free. Our guarantee is simple if after the first day of the Bootcamp you aren’t satisfied with the quality and commitment of our team to your success simply speak with a team member and turn in all of your event materials to receive a full refund.

What is the dress code?

We have found that a business casual dress code provides a comfortable environment for all attendees. You can call our office at 804-414-8052 if you have specific concerns.

What time will the event start and end each day?

You can pick up your event materials beginning at 7:30 a.m. on the 14th. The Bootcamp will begin each day at 8:30 a.m. and on Friday and Saturday end around 6 p.m. The Bootcamp will conclude on the 16th by 3 p.m.

Are meals provided?

Meals will not be provided for the event. We will have light refreshments such as water, coffee, and tea available throughout the day. There will be breaks and a lunch hour set aside in the agenda. We will also provide a list of local places to eat for attendees.

Is there a special rate at the hotel?

We determined the available rates for the hotel were actually lower to the public then the group rate we were offered especially if you have AAA or another discount code. You will be responsible for securing your own lodging should you need it directly with the hotel.