4 Golden Nuggets For A Fearless Entrepreneur

I am surrounded by a great network of friends and colleagues that share the same mindset of helping people grow. I had the great opportunity to sit down and talk with Stephen Scoggins and Josh Bledsoe a couple of weeks ago on their podcast The Journey Principle Radio and in that podcast we had some great conversations and shared some great tips.

Below I am sharing with you the blog that Stephen posted that shares some of the highlights we discussed.

If you missed the podcast you can click here to listen.

I have had the pleasure of working with a lot of people from all over the world. It’s such a joy to have new ideas sparked through the experience of another’s eyes.  Fortunately for me my travels bring me in front of wonderful people with incredible messages of their own. I also believe because we are working so hard to move the needle for people who are in desperate need of personal transformation, I occasionally forget my friends who are simply trying to sharpen their unique edge. My good friend Cory Mosley stopped by the radio show last week to remind me of just how important it is to focus on those who also simply need incremental improvement. I have always enjoyed hanging out with Cory. As a fellow high performing entrepreneur with a sincere heart to grow others, we always create an atmosphere where the ideas just start to flow.

In my heart of hearts, I think Cory added tremendous value to the show and to fellow entrepreneurs everywhere. So much so I wanted to take just a few moments and get some of his golden nuggets out to you. Even if you are not an entrepreneur, you can still benefit from years of tenacious strategy. Please enjoy the nuggets below and my reflections. I pray that it adds tremendous value to your life.

  • Nugget 1: Make sure you have a close encourager: Many times we underestimate the power of having a close ally in every effort we make. The person says, “You can do anything you are willing to go after with your whole heart.” For Cory, it was the power of an exceptional mother and for me, Steve Myrick and Susan Batts. All of these people had one incredible thing in common. They believed in us more than we believed in ourselves. Find that person but don’t force it. They encourage with a sincere heart and seek nothing in return but your success.
  • Nugget 2: Be careful of believing your own hype: The truth is most entrepreneurs are prone to only seeing the opportunity and have a tendency to ignore or, at minimum, down play the risk. It is compounded even further if you have several very quick wins. Cory reminded me that it is very important to temper your wins with your regular risk assessments to your personal growth, business and relationships. Beware of your ego. The best way I have found to combat this need to be significant before others is to give the credit away to others early and often. The reality is that it’s truly not important how much of a contribution you made. It’s incredibly important that you regularly remind your team and key relationships of how awesome they are!
  • Nugget 3: Gratitude is the right attitude: There is something incredibly simple but powerful about being grateful regularly. It tempers our need to only look for result and flaws in our businesses and those around us. A gracious person tends to attract an abundance of prosperity. I believe it’s because of the deep respect for what a regular, solid effort provides.
  • Nugget 4: Plan your growth plan ahead of time and avoid reactionary decisions as much as possible: Cory has a great acronym that he teaches clients to follow and, like most great leaders, puts into practice himself.
  • Assess – Be clearly aware of where you are, where you want to go, assess steps to get there in effort to remove delusion, and create practical paths.
  • Plan – It is said that those who fail to plan always unconsciously plan to fail. All success has two real parts: effort and strategy. When every effort is maximized by a proven strategy, high quality results are always found.  Operate from strategies and avoid shooting from the hip as often as possible. Don’t put out fires, search for permanent solutions.
  • Implement – As soon as the strategies are focused, well thought out, and threats and opportunities are accounted for, implement them. The greatest strategy in the world will never take you anywhere unless you give mobility. Beware of analysis paralysis. Look on your calendar, pick a date when a decisions must be made and then use all the time you need until that date to research, plan, and evaluate multiple options. THEN TAKE ACTION!

As I promised, sometimes the best information is the information that is most universal. Everything Cory shared in our short time together can be applied to anywhere in life. If you need assistance putting this into practice in your own personal “8 Pillars of Life” The Journey Principles team and I can help guide you down that path. If you are a hungry, growing entrepreneur who needs focused attention on your business, then I invite you to check my good friend, Cory Mosley’s new Fearless Entrepreneur program for yourself. I am confident you will be happy you did!

In Your Service,

Stephen Scoggins