Be Jerry Rice!

When I reflect on my time as an Internet Manager I can’t help but think of Jerry Rice. I am a big fan of the NFL and as a fan I understand that the primary job of a receiver is to create separation from the defenders trying to guard him.

No one has ever done that better than Jerry Rice. Jerry was able to create immediate separation from the line of scrimmage to complete those quick slant routes as well as creating separation on the deeper patterns. Creating separation was really an art form with him, to watch it on Sunday was pure magic. You would always say to yourself, “Why can’t they cover him?"

Our daily activities as an Internet Manager are much the same as a receiver in the NFL. If we clearly understand the ME+3 Rule, then we should view the other 3-5 dealerships with whom we are competing as defensive backs trying to cover us. We need to create separation from them so that a prospect has a clear choice; just like a QB looking for an open receiver. We need to create separation from the line of scrimmage, just like Jerry Rice! We create our separation with the semantics we choose to use in our conversations.

Our line of scrimmage is the opening conversation with the prospect. Is the opening line of our conversation beating the defenders at the line of scrimmage? Much like the NFL, if the play is defeated at the line of scrimmage it will never have an opportunity to develop. Isn’t that true of our conversations? We also need to possess the ability to go deep….just like Jerry. Going deep for us means being able to have intelligent conversations and messages occurring 72 days and more into the chase.

Get off the line of scrimmage in all of your conversations! Give your prospects a different experience! Be able to have the conversations in the deep part of the field. When you go to work tomorrow….Be Jerry Rice!

I love the NFL and understand what it takes to succeed. Put the pads on, grab your jersey, it’s game time!