Show Notes:

In this podcast episode of Grow Business Podcast, Cory Mosley and Lon Graham explore the necessity of keeping business branding and software systems current.

They highlight how outdated visuals and technology can negatively affect a company’s credibility and competitive edge.

The conversation underscores the importance of evolving with market trends and customer needs, using examples from major brands like Coca-Cola and General Motors.

They also touch upon the influence of AI on business decisions, referencing Tyler Perry’s pause on a significant expansion.

The episode emphasizes the value of efficiency, adaptability, and staying informed about industry advancements.


  • Outdated look and feel (00:08:19)
  • The need for system updates (00:09:06)
  • The impact of outdated branding (00:15:07)
  • The significance of logo evolution (00:15:18)
  • The example of General Motors (00:15:18)
  • The timestamp’s title (time it starts)
  • Website Modernization (00:16:18)
  • Consistency in Branding (00:18:06)
  • Brand Continuity (00:22:34)
  • Adaptation Challenges (00:25:27)
  • Awareness and Innovation (00:29:59)
  • Cutting Costs (00:33:45)
  • User Experience (00:34:44)
  • Elevating Customer Experience (00:36:39)
  • Adapting to Business Changes (00:40:24)
  • Consistency and Taking Action (00:44:58)

Bullet Points:

  • Importance of updating branding and software systems in businesses
  • Impact of outdated branding and systems on business credibility
  • Need for businesses to evolve and adapt to market changes
  • Significance of staying current with technology and not being resistant to change
  • Maintaining brand freshness and modernity
  • Impact of brand consistency across different platforms
  • Challenges of adapting to new technologies and tools
  • Examples of companies reevaluating their branding to stay relevant
  • Impact of AI on industries and business operations
  • Importance of efficiency and adaptability in business operations